Anatole France

Such unique characters and traits and such an intense love of their owner and best friend, dogs really are the perfect companion and such a joy to have in your life. Join me as we capture your best friends inner spirit, personality and quirky traits that make them so unique.

Never have I had a time in my life where I haven’t been surrounded by soul searching eyes and big sloppy kisses. I understand the true beauty and enjoyment of that special bond between you and your dog; best friend, companion, confidont and smile creator! I also know all about those cheeky personalities that can drive you insane but those eyes that melt that anger in a split second.

I am truly passionate about capturing both your dogs unique traits and character along with that special bond you share. Choosing locations that are familiar to both of you, whether that be around the home or on a favourite walk, I capture that true inner spirit and beauty in stunning surroundings.

A standard shoot lasting approximately 2 hours costs £75

I am also able to offer longer shoots which allows me to capture a larger number of images in various different locations or photograph more than one dog or a larger family group.

I also offer a bespoke package, which is the ultimate photography experience, allowing you to look and feel your best! The package includes a hair and make up artist and a 3 hour on location shoot for £195.  This is the package for anyone who wants to treat themselves or a loved one, it allows you to capture amazing one off images of that will be treasured for a lifetime.

I pride myself in creating timeless images that my clients want to showcase within their homes and cherish for years to come. Images are generally ready to view within your home 2 weeks after the shoot, the viewing is as much a part of the experience as the shoot itself. Most of my clients choose to display their images as wall art including canvases and framed prints, whilst there is no minimum order fee, my clients typically spend between £200 and £1000 on finished products.